Hello worksite, may I check your safety compliance?

Work ID Manager let’s you connect your Tether worksites to your workers and run easy safety compliance checks.

Safety compliance infographic

Safety compliance is getting better and easier.

Run Tether worksite compliance checks in seconds.

Compile multiple compliance checks for any Tether worksite.

Create and bookmark custom filters to batch workers.

Know when any safety ticket is expired or about to expire.

A record of compliance checks for legal requirements.

Safe and secure sign in without a password.

Smart worksite west wingSmart worksite east wing

Work ID, the safe and smart worksite.

Smart worksite using WORKID


Check that the right people, at the right place, have the right safety tickets.


Spot checks and spread sheets waste time and cost money.


Run a safety check for a worksite in seconds from a saved search bookmark.

Connect to employees and other companies.

With Work ID Manager you can connect with anyone that has the Work ID app. Employees in your own company, or even vendors that work at your Tether worksite.

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